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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

R's got SOUL!!! (as In a Patch)

This was going to be a #WordlessWednesday post but I realized this pic needed a bit more of an explanation.  

It was a beautiful, sunny day yesterday and as we were driving home (as usual R was riding shotgun; G was in the back) I did a double-take at R's profile. There was something sticking out just below his bottom lip! WTH!?!

Of course when we got home I tried to take a pic. R was having nothing to do with that. So instead I found this pic of R's Movember Moustache (look how much it filled in) and did a little photoshopping of my own. It is the part in the yellow circle in case you couldn't tell.  :) 

I am SO not ready for this!


  1. lol are those hairs???

    Tommy's been wearing a beard for a year now. He looks a tad Amish though because the mustache part doesn't want to keep up lol

    1. Yes...about 3 although I can't be sure of the exact number. I didn't have my readers on. Haahaa!

      Ohhhhhhh...I wondered if it was a certain look that T was going for. Funny how that happens. :D

  2. Hahaha! My 14 year old will probably go for a mustache and beard, mostly because he is too lazy to shave. Lucky for him, he is blonde, so the few hairs he has right now don't show much.
    Good luck!

    1. Doubt either of the boys will ever be able to grow much facial's all on their legs (thankfully below the knees). Tee hee.