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Friday, 8 June 2012

"Friday's Fab Five"

What started out as a venue for sharing stories of Our Adventures with Riley and autism has evolved into something much more for me. Over the past 8 months (I KNOW…can you believe it!!!) I have learned a lot about social media, made some new connections and joined in on a few fun “link-ups”. I originally thought I wouldn't have any problems remembering all of Our Adventures with Riley over the past 15 years or so. Apparently this would not be the case. *sigh* Surely it had nothing to do with my age.  Right??  Ummmm...Hello???

Then there are the times when life just seems to get in the way and my brain is mush. So I figured what better time to share some of my favourite posts and introduce you to some other blogs (my version of #FF - Follow Friday) which could otherwise be lost in Blogger World. Without further ado, here is my first “Friday Fab Five”:

Autism-Related Blogs:

Teaching your teen to drive:  …Nope the Problem is not His Eyesight… by Raising Asperger’s Kids

Childhood inventions:  The Wing: Tales from an Aspie Childhood by Thirty Days of Autism

Link-Ups:  (you'll also find them over on the right sidebar)

Autism Positivity Flash Blog - you can read my contribution here

Stasha's Monday Listicles over at "The good life"

Just plain made me LOL:

The Scarlett Guide To… Faking A Dinner Party by Scarlett Wonderland

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did and have a great weekend!  D


  1. thanks for sharing these. I love finding new blogs to love.

    1. I always find great new ones on your blog too! :)

      Here's a link to Robbie's blog "Fractured Family Tales"

  2. Wow Diane... Thank you. It is an honour to have my post included in your "Friday's Fab Five." What a great idea! Love it!

    1. I'm honoured YOU'RE honoured Leah! :) That post still makes me LOL! D

  3. Thanks girl. Hope you are having a great weekend. That last post was funny!! Thanks for sending me there!

    1. My pleasure. =D I found the tips most helpful. HA!

      Hope you had a good weekend too!