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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Going on His First Date...

Riley’s going on a date this Friday night.  Yup you read that right. He is going to a movie with a member of the opposite sex! Let’s call her LE. Apparently R asked LE out this past Friday at school.  I know…shocking isn’t it!

Here’s the thing.  LE was Riley’s SEA (Special Education Assistant) last year. OK so technically it’s not a “date”…more like a night outing. Potato…Po-taaah-toe.  =D  Hey would you have been as eager to read this post if it was entitled “Going on his first night outing”???  I think not.

Sooo…as far as asking LE. Wellllll let’s just say he basically went up to LE and said “Madagascar 3??”  Knowing R so well, LE responded with “Oh, you want to go see Madagascar 3?”  R replied with his thank goodness she got it/happy as a clam voice…“Okay!”

Now I’m pretty sure Madagascar 3 would NOT be on the top of the list for most 17 year old girls so I am thankful that Riley has quite the endearing personality which definitely works in his favour with "older women". Tee hee. Even better and of course always looking on the positive...LE drives so I don't have to play chauffeur!  

Are you looking forward to your son's first "date"???  Where do you think he'll want to go?


  1. John went to prom this year, it made me a little sad. I don't love the feeling of him going off...with a girl... but we have to do it don't we?

    1. But why do we?!?!? ;P

      I know what you mean about feeling a little sad...not a lot but a little. =D J2 graduated from high school last year. Don't know where the time went. *sigh*