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Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer "Fun"...

This week was officially the start of Riley's summer vacation. Yee-ha!  I decided to give him a few days to relax and unwind (Riley World translation: YouTubing and video watching to his heart’s content).

Yesterday I decided I should break the news to him that we would actually be working on some things over the summer. He was eating one of his three dogs. Actually just wieners (plain; boiled not grilled) as he does not like the bun but hot dogs sound much more appealing than wieners if you are so inclined. I digress.

Hmmmm...don't these look yummy?!?!?
Fresh out of the water. Can you see the steam?

One of the most valuable things I have learned over the years is that it is all in the delivery and by that I mean the “tone” of your voice regardless of what you are saying. Trust me…this little tactic will work for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

So I start out the conversation by enthusiastically saying: "Guess what we're going to do this summer?" (That caught his interest. See…I told you it would work.)
R:         What???  (Sounding very hopeful.)
Me:       You can help me and dad by starting to take out the garbage!  
(I put an emphasis on “help” because that’s what all the books say to do. Apparently kids will be much more willing if they feel they are “helping” you.)
R:         I will be cranky!  
(Quite emphatically and that pretty much says it all doesn’t it?) 

(Not to be phased by his reply I continue…) 
Me:       AND I am going to teach you how to do laundry! We can do it together. Won’t that be fun! 
(Yes that’s what I said. Hey, he usually likes to do things with me and besides…I was so upbeat how could it not be “fun”!)
R:         Yes…that will be fun. (Sounded a little unsure…followed by)  I’m cranky. 

(Ok so he was starting to get a little agitated but I wasn’t finished yet so I continued…) 
Me:      Then you can learn how to wash the rice so you can make it whenever you want oyako donburi. 
(A Japanese rice bowl dish R likes. Of course his is an adapted version. I am so “clever” using something he likes as leverage? Sarcasm pouring off that last sentence.)
R:         I’m eating! I don’t want to talk anymore thank you!

(No problem. I’ll talk…you can listen. Tee hee. Kidding. That was R’s way of saying he’d had enough so I backed off but not before giving him a timeframe for what I talked at him about cause that's how I do things. *wink*)
Me:       How about we start on July 2nd?  Does that sound good??? (After all July 1st is a holiday in Canada.)  
R:         That sounds good to me.  (Relief in his voice. Probably knew I would finally stop talking.)  

See?  It’s all in the delivery. One of the great things about R is his enthusiasm…well at least until such time that we actually have to start doing. I am sure I will have much to blog about once we get started so stay tuned.

Have you got any "fun" things planned over the summer?


  1. Hahaha! I love that he tells you he is cranky! My girls do that sometimes, like it isn't obvious to me. :) Good luck with the chores this summer. I know how pesky change can be sometimes!

    1. Exactly...cranky seems to be the "feeling/emotion" of the year! Ha!

      Not that J2 does any of these chores on his own for the most part. *sigh* On the upside once R gets it...he gets it. :D

  2. Ha ha... at least Riley enthusiastically tells you he is cranky, our 16 year old son just grunts. So after months of nicely suggesting he find a job or at least fun things to do this summer (camps etc), we had to break the news to him that we found him a job working for a friend's landscaping company. He starts working on July 2nd – from 7am (yikes, that's even early for me) - 3pm! I'm sure he'll be counting down the days until he gets to go back to school to have some fun!

    1. You're starting to take after me. Ummm...that's not exactly a compliment either. ;P

      7AM! Yikes. I'm sure he will "enthusiastically" look for a job NEXT summer. LOL!