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Monday, 18 June 2012

A Pocketful of Cash...
#Monday Listicles

It's Monday (phew just made it) and that means it's time for some fun over at Stasha's! This week Stasha gave us a virtual allowance of $1000 to have some fun with. I had a bit of a hectic week so my initial reaction was to place it on Red; spin the wheel (even though I am not a roulette player); call it a post OR have double the money to play with. *wink*

After a good nights sleep I was ready to do some daydreaming. As my Uncle Mak would say "What the hell" so I am going with extravagant vs. practical and making it all about me. =D  Here we go...

  1. Pop on a plane and head to Viva Las Vega$ for a marathon of gambling, sun and fun.  No need to waste money on a room cuz remember it's a marathon so I just have to make sure to keep the drinks coming  stay hydrated.  If you want a play by play of my adventures, I strongly suggest you head over to read Terri's post about "Gambler Gal".  Even though I don't live in Vegas, I could swear she was writing about me.  Baaahaaa!

  2. Although I don't particularly like trying on clothes and it can be rather difficult to find things I like in a size 2 (remember I'm daydreaming here)...I would love to be able to go into a store and buy a truckload of clothes without going immediately to the sales racks or looking at the price tag. You CAN get a truckload of clothes for $1000 still right?!?!? 

  3. Kitchen gadgets. I love kitchen stores, kitchen gadgets, kitchen stuff! Turn me loose and no slicer, dicer, chopper, flipper or applicance will be left on the shelf. Hopefully there will be $ left over to build something to store everything in as well.

  4. Towels that actually absorb water. Yes I would spend $1000 on towels. Call me crazy but in my real life I am too cheap to spend money on good towels.

  5. Bath & Body Works - my most favorite place for soap/lotions on.the.planet! Yes I could spend $1000 at this place. Yes I am crazy but can justify it because in reality I don't have nice towels so skin products are a necessity.

  6. I know what you're thinking...#3, 4 & 5 aren't what you would consider extravagant right??? It's all a matter of one's perspective people. Hmmm...looking back you may be right. So for number 6...Going out for some fine dining and ordering one of those really, really expensive bottles of wine just because. Yes I know they only cost about half the price at the liquor store but..... "What the hell".  :)

  7. I love the "idea" of going to the Spa yet have only ventured as far as a pedicure and facial. It looks sooo relaxing on brochures and apparently anybody who's anybody loves to go. So since I have come into this windfall of cash I am going to invite my BFF (you know who you are *wink*) for an all expenses paid day at the Spa.

  8. In the spirit of Father's Day, a round of golf for G at St. Andrew's. He will have to figure out his own way there as even if he were allowed to play it would probably cost at least $1000. Eeep.

  9. Open the Disney vault for an hour. OK it probably would cost a lot more but's still my daydream. Riley could go crazy and I would stockpile all his favourites so I wouldn't have to hunt them down on eBay or Craigslist. 

  10. Last but not least...I would order some sun (haven't seen much of that around here lately) and invite all our family and friends for a beach BBQ (our backyard isn't nearly big enough to accommodate the hundreds that would want to attend...tee hee) complete with tropical umbrella cocktails, scrumptious skewers of barbecued goodness, and finish off the night with a bonfire, smores and Bailey's coffees.

Thanks Stasha for the chance to daydream on an otherwise dreary Monday. Don't forget to head over to Stasha's Monday Listicles to see what everybody else did with their allowance! Have a good week!

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  1. Okay in response to no. 7, I know I'm not your BFF but your NBFF and you know who I am! Does that count? I have been to St. Andrews and they have a nice little (teeny tiny actually) putting green for tourists to play on so that they can say they played there for maybe $20. That would leave $980 for something else!

    1. LOL...yes I do know who you are! You are also R's NBFF. :D

      Just think with the $980 savings...we can go twice!!! D

  2. Not sure how many minutes of sun we would get for a grand :)
    I don't like cooking but I love kitchen gadgets. And I bet it doesn't take long to spend a thousand and B&B body works...

    1. Haaahaa...minutes is right. Oish. Was it as rainy where you are as it was here on Saturday? Ai-carumba! :(

  3. My spa experience.

    I received a $100 gift certificate for the spa. I decided to top it up and get the full hot stone massage.

    The room was dimly lit - candles softly burning - aroma therapy wafting through the air - heavenly.

    The masseuse entered and started working her magic. I worried that I might get sexually aroused, but instead, I had to fart. I had to fart for the entire 45 minutes.

    So, take note. Avoid gas producing foods prior to having an expensive massage unless you don't mind letting one rip in the heavenly quarters.

    dirty d

    1. Baaaahaaaa...point taken. I'll be sure to check with you before making our appointment. :D

    2. Oh, my gosh, this is hilarious!

    3. I just went to Bath and Body Works at an outlet mall over the weekend and they had bottles of lotions, body wash, and hand soap for $3 a piece! The deal made me giddy! I mostly bought presents, but got a couple of things for myself. :)

    4. I KNOW!!! How could anyone resist!!! I hear the plug-in air freshers (linen scent???) are absolutely heaven!

      Thank goodness they have finally come to Canada as I used to only be able to get them when I went to the US. Phew. :D

  4. Oh my gosh! Kitchen gadgets!? How in the world did I not think of that??? Clearly I need an extension on this budget...maybe another advancement of $1000. Sound good? We could split it if you want to petition it with me :D

    1. It's not surprising you didn't think of it...tree houses, hammocks, lipo and Ohio?!?!? Ohio was most confusing. HA!

      Of course I will petition with you! Any kitchen gadget lover is a friend of mine. :D