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Friday, 8 November 2013

He Ate it ALL!!! #Operation IFO

I decided to try a different plating technique. It is one often used for portion control. Like a lot of things it is all about perception. Of course in Riley World things usually work the opposite way. For example I wanted more to look less therefore I reversed the theory. I used a larger plate instead of his usual plate. Check this out:

R's usual size plate.

Dinner size plate.

OK…so maybe it does not really look all that different or else you are thinking it looks like there is more food on the larger plate. Well you would be right. The larger dinner plate actually had almost double the amount as the smaller plate. I took about 1/3 and gave Riley about 2/3 of the package. But…compared to this…

…considerably ‘less-looking’ as in more plate space. 
Wouldn’t you agree???
As usual here are a few highlights and comments for those not wanting to watch the entire video (just under 5 minutes this time).

My voice is much more expressive. We have moved to the next stage where positive reinforcement and enthusiasm ‘can’ work (not always) as motivation. There was even some eye contact.  :) 

:50 -     R tries to gather and separate the pasta.

I just can’t help myself sometimes. The ‘mother’ in me has a need to say I told you so reinforce the choices/options that were given and the final outcome. And so a “discussion” of choices begins. Here you will see some of the challenges we have when it comes to Riley’s receptive-expressive language.      

3:10 -   Discussion of choices.
3:55 -   Tomato vs. “White” sauce.
4:35 -   Gag reflex improving.

For the first time in a long time, I actually felt like we were moving forward and one day we may be able to order a plate of pasta off the menu!  Whoo-hoooo!!!!! 


  1. He did it!!! That is a serious improvement! So smart with the plates my friend. :) I seriously laughed my way through this video (with Kirsten telling me to be quiet the entire time!) My two favorite moments in today's IFO:
    1) You: "I'm eating some too." R: "No, you're not!" You: "Do you want to eat mine too? Do you want to eat them all? Bwahahahaha!!! You wouldn't have braved THAT statement OR tone a few weeks ago!
    2) R: "You have to yell to eat that." You: "I'd prefer you didn't." In that calm, tempered voice I carry in my back pocket at ALL TIMES. So funny!!

    1. 1) Got THAT right!!! The little bit of success has gone straight to my head. Haha!
      2) I'm glad you think it's calm and tempered when in fact I've just given up. ;P

      Next time try and be a little more controlled...for K's sake.

  2. I admire you so much for the complications of this! But hey, whatever works! I always want to trick myself into eating less but clever that the opposite can work!

    1. Not sure if it's being clever or lazy as in the thought of counting out 50 pieces of pasta was not at all appealing. :) Thanks Stacie!

  3. How brave you are, giving him red sauce with FLAKES! Brave, and smart, using the plate trick. I was cracking up when you asked if he wanted to eat yours, too. And the perhaps if you slowed down or swallowed suggestion. I was thinking the same thing.
    You are doing a great job, and Riley is a trooper.

    1. Riley is really being a trooper! When I first saw all the flakes I was pretty deflated. I picked out the large ones and tried to flip over the pieces of pasta or hide the rest. Haha!

      I'm not sure why I keep reminding him to slow down and he ever listens. :D

    2. I was so surprised that he made it all the way to the finish line with that stupid pasta!

      ps. it tastes terrible ;)

    3. SO terrible! Haha! Slow and steady...right???

  4. That was AMAZING!! I am in awe. FIRST, I am noticing him conversing with you more while eating. Even though it's random chat.. he's maintaining that silence with interacting with you. That was a hard one for Tommy. When we keep him talking (about things i want to gouge my eyeballs out) it slows him down. Second- i LOVED his reference. Red sauce- like pizza. Awesome. Question- does he always pour juice and not drink it? Or does he drink it later? Asking because it's something Tommy started about 6 months ago. He'll pour his milk, and only drink water. I can't figure it out. The gag- is that only from pasta? Or, does he just pound the food so fast it makes him gag? (Tommy does that if we don't monitor his eating)
    I love these videos. Brianna busted out laughing when he said "PASTA IS STUPID!" :)

    1. I know...I sometimes have a hard time not busting up too! Stupid pasta! :D

      Haha...I want to gouge my eyeballs out most of the time too! We seem to have gotten past the no eye contact/conversation stage. :) I do have to stop talking when he keeps asking "how many more" over and over and over or when he starts getting agitated.

      R will drink his juice. Hmmm....sorry I'm no help with that one. Let me know if you figure it out. The gag happens with undesirable foods although sometimes it happens with perogies - those he basically swallows without chewing. Oish.