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Monday, 4 November 2013

Stage 2 , Part 1 of Operation IFO:
Introduction to Sauces

At 19, Riley continues to grow and surprise us. What used to be cause for meltdowns (changes in routine or something different…well…anything different) has, with time and maturity, become manageable. We still need to proceed with caution only now we do not need to worry so much about hearing loss (mine) or the physical/emotional aftermath (both of us).     

Since Riley has not been keen to cook his own lunch I decided it was time to move on to Stage 2: Sauces & Condiments of Operation IFO. I was nervous. Extremely nervous. In the past, introductions to new foods would bring on a flurry of loud, vocal outbursts and table-slapping. It was not fun. It was not pretty.

There is so much more to sauces than meets the typical eye. There is colour, texture, taste and of course, green flecks. Colour is not so much a factor in Riley World but green flecks and too strong of a taste can be a definite turnoff. I needed to be aware. 

My girlfriend had a great suggestion. Alfredo sauce. I immediately went out to buy some. It sat on the counter for about a month. Last week…I was finally ready. I heated a small amount up as the macaroni was cooking. I tried some. While it was edible, there was a definite cheesy/strong taste to it. I needed to come up with something more familiar

So instead I hunted around in the fridge and found some tomato sauce. I picked out as many green flecks as I could and added one whole tablespoon to the macaroni. I needed to start off slow. 

While I edited the video down from the original 6 minutes to just less than 4 minutes see if you can count how many times he…

·         says “How many can I eat?”
·         says “I’m tired of eating.”
·         swallows.

This is what was left...

Feel free to leave me your answers in the comments.  :D


  1. He did good! "Green flecks" picking out as many as you could find. LOL!!! ... and your oh-so-quiet "are you swallowing?" Hah! Did he EVER swallow??? I would NOT be able to keep a straight face through these IFO adventures. So been-there-done-that. :)

    1. Green flecks...the bane of Riley World. Ha! So far we haven't found any "food stuffs" in any of the garbage cans so I'm assuming he eventually swallowed or they melted in his mouth. ;P

  2. I was so into the video I forgot to count! Your "green flecks" cracked me up. My kids have the same aversion to "white specks" that could possibly be onion.
    Another great job with stealth video. I kept thinking, "Does the boy ever chew and swallow?" and then your husband and you both asked if R was swallowing. Does he usually eat that way?
    Congrats on the sauce win!

    1. I have friends who are onion-phobics?!?! I guess because I like onions...I really don't think they have much of a taste/flavour when they are cooked.

      Come to think of it...depending on what he is eating...chewing can be optional. :) He slurps down his Mr. Noodles and pretty much swallows perogies. With these "undesirables"'s a given that they are stored in his cheek for as long as possible before having to swallow. Foods he likes...he will chew AND swallow! Bonus! Haha!

  3. Wow! And I am impressed with how he can stab one macaroni at a time in rapid-fire succession ... I think I would hurt myself or stabbed something other than the plate ;)

    1. Right??? I'm sure I would hurt myself and definitely wouldn't be able to keep up his pace. :D

  4. I was losing track of counting and gave up because of my fascination with the cheek pocketing! My kid wouldn't swallow for his first few years... we would find semi-eaten food everywhere! ick! And God forbid the dreaded green specks! Or even worse if he smelled an orange within the general vicinity! Riley does pretty stinking good eh? He seems to be making some real progress there!