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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Michelina's Meets Riley World in
#Operation IFO

I usually make pasta sauces from scratch. It is part of my on-going campaign for Mother of the Year. However, when I only require 1-2 tablespoons of sauce I am not as inspired. Will this hurt my chances for MOTY? Will it appear that I do not love my children as much as those who make cookies from scratch or prepare Pinterest-worthy lunches?? Oh well.

As I was wandering around the grocery store on the weekend looking for some easy alternatives I happened upon these…

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a new discovery. It is just that Riley has never had them. I scanned the varieties and spotted two that could possibly work in Operation IFO. The Penne Pollo – pasta in a cream sauce with cooked chicken pieces (we could dispose of these) and the Rigatoni Pomodoro – pasta in a spicy (this could be iffy but…) Italian style tomato sauce. They were on sale for only $1.00 each so I thought to myself WTH! 

One of the things I have noticed about videoing Operation IFO are things that I should have done differently. For example I put waaaaay too much pasta on his plate. When he was little I used to actually count out the specific number of pieces that he would have to eat. Why did I not think to do that now? Well honestly…I do not want to count anymore. More importantly what if he actually liked it!?!  Baaahaaahaaa!    

This video is on the long side (~6 min) so here are the CliffsQuickReview:

1:55 -   R starts negotiations. This time he starts with 20. It used to be 10. The last time I said  20. Memory like a steel trap.
2:28 –   Gag reflex still works.
2:40 –   R admiring himself in the glass cabinet.
2:50 –   Begins counting down in hopes of getting me to agree.
3:15 –   Starts separating 20 from the pack.
3:50 –   Confirms there are indeed 20 pieces.
5:20 –   R is great at remembering to tuck in his chair when he is finished. Once I confirm he is indeed finished, he sits back down to finish his juice.
5:30 –   R is a pleaser (after the fact of course) as evidenced here .  

Mmmmm...doesn't this look tasty? 

Will this ever end?!? I (and no doubt you) am getting bored with all of this.  :( 


  1. I should comment more often. I am riveted. I am NOT bored. When I see a new IFO video, I rush to join in. Our Adventures with Riley is my favorite sitcom, drama and documentary. Occassionally, when I watch B eat, I think (fantasize) about the scenario where, one day, he has a romantic dinner date. I imagine her horror when B loads up his plate two or three times and makes 18 trips to the fridge for more condiments. As you know, his eating rituals bring on thoughts of medieval feasts. Today, I thought about R on his future romantic dinner date. Hopefully he finds someone who is ok with the negotiating, slapping and, of course, the gagging. Dates are over-rated.

    1. Riveted eh? Haaahaaa! :D

      Future romantic date....I wouldn't exactly call McD's romantic. ;)

  2. I'm with Maggie. IFO is my favorite sitcom, drama and documentary too! He is doing great with the sauce, don't you think? I don't see him any more upset about noodles with sauce than noodles alone. Love how nice he is to you about lunch AFTER the fact. Hahah!!! Kirsten does the same thing (of course) ;)

    1. Ya're right about that. He's mainly not happy about the pasta. Period. Maybe I can start getting more elaborate?!?!? :O

      Of course she does. Love it!

  3. Oh, I think you are both doing well. Were you making eye contact during all of that? I just can't understand how he isn't hungry if that's all he eats for lunch. I know how much my boys eat, and they would think I'm starving them if they only ate 20 "pastas". Does he eat much between meals?

    1. Nope. No eye contact. :)

      He is constantly eating cheerios (regular of course and dry). He goes through a large bag every 2-3 days. He will eat about 10-12 bite-size perogies if "we" cook them.

      We have to count out the "pastas" so he knows there is an end to his misery. Haha! If he has pastas for lunch I try and make sure he has a meal he likes for dinner. Oh...he also has 2 dinners. I cook one (or he eats with us) and then he has his standard 3 pkgs of Mr. Noodles with G after his shower. Yup...we're healthy alright.

  4. Well this video just answered a few question I asked earlier. I'm watching out of order lol I hate to admit this but I just crack up so much watching this. The similarities are so damn hysterical. Him answering for you.. in the tone of voice you'd use.. hahahaa He is a great negotiator. When he counted out the twenty pasta's I roared in laughter hahaa I just love him!

    1. picked up on that eh?? (him answering for me and the tone??) Haahaaa! ;P

      I'll never forget watching the first Tommy video (Conan) and right then and there I knew we were meant to be friends. <3