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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ten Things of Thankful #5

This week I decided I really needed to make a concerted effort with my Things of Thankful list if I did not want to risk being banned from the linkup. Not that I haven’t been trying. Just the opposite. I think I was trying too hard. After all, it really should be about the little things in life.

While I can not promise that my entire list will be sarcasm-free, hopefully you will able to read between the words at my true thankfulness. No sarcasm intended in that last sentence. Really.

1.      The grocery store where I do my regular shopping has give-aways each week. Sometimes it can be something as exciting as a box of oranges; sometimes it is money off the price of gas; and my most favourite…a $25 gift card towards your next purchase. I am most thankful when I get close to the required amount without going over by too much. Yup…I nailed it this week. Only $5.00 over.  BAM!!! 

2.      Did you know that cars run best when they have oil?  Yup.
Did you know that when a car is out of oil it makes an awful noise??  Ohhhh yea.
Did you know that on some cars the oil light only comes on AFTER it is too late??? WTH!!!

Thankfully I learned my lesson before it was too late. I asked G to check my oil again this week. It needed to be topped up. He went to buy some. I am thankful he did that for me.

Hey…I do believe there were two Thankful’s in that last paragraph. According to Clark's edition of the Secret Rules of TToT...that would mean numbers 2 and 3...check!

4.      99% of the time Riley is the first person up in the morning. G usually is next. Wherever R is, as soon as he hears me get up he will go up and make straighten our bed. Granted it is only a duvet but he does it every single day.

5.      Mini has been acting up a little. This past week the engine light came on AGAIN and it was as if she had been dipping into the sauce a little too much. Hiccupping and stuttering enough that a trip to the doctor mechanic was needed. It was a trip over town and thankfully G was craving a Timmy Ho’s breakfast burrito so he took her in for me.  

6.      I went to my first Stella & Dot Trunk Show last weekend. I need jewellery like I need to put on weight. I have no willpower when it comes to chips, wine and rings. If it were not for the copious amount of chips and wine, my fingers would probably be the same size. They are not. Therefore I needed a new ring. Thank you Stella & Dot!

It's actually 3 separate rings. It looks much better on.
I took a picture. I realized I now have old lady hands. 
I deleted the picture then ate some chips and drank copious amounts of wine.

7.      I made it to two boxing sessions this week. Monday and Thursday. I was a little stiff on Tuesday. Heck what I am talking about. I could barely stand up without holding onto something. But…it was a good stiff. By Thursday I was ready to go again. It is Saturday and thankfully I am still able to stand AND sit AND walk without pain.  :)    

8.      Lunch times have become a major to-do around here. Wednesday was J2’s day off. He went to pick up lunch for the two of us. Of course I paid but I got to stay in my home clothes so I was thankful.

9.      We started Stage 2: Introduction to Sauces in Operation IFO this week. I am thankful for Michelina’s frozen pastas. It has made lunches a lot easier to make even though Riley thinks “Pasta is stupid!”

10.   We began Operation IFO in Riley World two months ago. It has sucked the life right out of me been challenging. Thankfully we have seen great strides and if not for our family and great friends (both IRL and blogger world) I am sure I would have given up. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Your turn. What were you thankful for this past week?  

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  1. Huzzah for Operation IFO :) Great that you've stuck with it and seen some real improvements.

    Although, it's absolutely hilarious that Riley thinks pasta is "stupid" :D

    The rings are beautiful :) I have old-lady hands too, but I don't have the obsession with rings ;) I do have some AWESOME rings though. Perhaps I need to do a Ten Things of Favourite Jewelleries

    And I promise - no one gets banned from this. Ever :D

    1. It was quite hard not to burst out laughing when Riley blurted out "pasta is stupid". :D I guess I should be grateful that that's about as foul as he gets. Wait. He went through a b*stard stage but thankfully that has passed. Hope I didn't just jinx myself. Eeep!

      My mouth was hanging open when I downloaded the picture. I didn't remember taking a picture of my mother's hands. *sigh*

  2. What you talkin bout! You always have a great list... I look forward to this one now! Did you know you could totally blow your engine without oil in a matter of moments? Even though the effing light doesn't come on until after you are totally out of oil????!!!! I think that is ridiculous! Can you tell I have experience... I too think pasta is stupid... that RIley guy is pretty sharp!

    1. Haaahaaa....yes, he can be pretty clever sometimes. :D

      I am so glad to hear that I am not alone. The first time it happened it was pretty embarrassing...thankfully the mechanic was most gracious. Hey...can I use this one next week??? ;P

  3. Wonderful list of thanks!, that's energy burning but really ups the fitness level!!

    1. Unfortunately I have a beer when I get home which might possibly defeat the purpose of the workout. Or not?!?!?

  4. I did not know that about the oil light. How dumb is that?!?! I guess it is merely a light to give the car's cause of death. So glad you checked before you were stranded with a broken car.

    So sweet that Riley makes your bed each day.

    Giant asked once what kind of car I was going to get when everyone moved out. I told him a Mini. After this, I may be changing my mind.

    Beautiful rings!

    TWO boxing sessions in one week?! Go you! One of these days you may even be able to go and only require one day recovery. :)

    You are doing a fabulous job with Operation IFO. And teaching us so many things by showing us what you are both going through. A couple of my kids walked in when I was watching the latest video. We had a great talk about who Riley was and why you recorded him eating. You are helping my entire family learn to be more considerate, thoughtful, and compassionate. Thank you.

    1. absolutely LOVE my Mini!!! It was my 'late life' crisis car. It is so much fun to drive. It's just plain stupid (HEY...that's not a nice word!) about the oil light! Totally not Mini's fault. :)

      The day that I only require one day recovery....that will make up my entire list!!!

      Thank YOU for all your support with Operation IFO!!! That you are sharing with your awesome. They are already some of the most considerate, thoughtful and compassionate kids I've never met. I mean that in a good way. :D

  5. Love you list. Made me laugh when I read that Riley thinks "pasta is stupid"...and while I don't agree, I will say that sometimes I hate pasta because it is so delicious.

    And boxing sounds fabulous...but kind of makes my arms hurt to consider it. Congrats on making it twice! And not having much pain!

    LOVE the new ring!

    1. Thankfully we only put on the gloves for half the session. *Note to self: Item number 2 for next week's list* Sometimes I can barely lift my beer to my lips when I get home.

      I'm loving my ring too. Only not in pictures. :)

  6. very cool list. nice rhythm to the items, (if that makes any sense… but sometimes a list flows and sometimes a list builds)… from oil to rings to ring-shaped pasta nice lol

    thank you for italicizing the word 'edition'… will keep me from getting into too much trouble… (visual: stalking about the castle keep, "where is that Book!! I placed it in the vault less than a week ago… and since we're on the subject where is that clark!!")*

    * not certain why I had this imagery of medieval castle… snow white kinda place… lol fun Post you write!

    1. Snow White??? One of Riley's favourites! I know exactly where you are hiding!!! :D

      Sooooo...did I flow or build?!?!?

  7. Love the stupid pasta...and the rings. Number 6 kept me laughing all the way. I also love rings but am convinced they look horrid on my hands. Maybe if I tried some of the copious amounts of wine, I could think differently...

    The oil light is truly stupid. Honestly, you'd think a bunch of automobile engineers could figure out how to make that work better.

    Love how you are working the new foods in with Riley - he's positively wonderful. (Been checking out your videos and he makes beds? Awesome.) But I'm sure you know that.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Oh good heavens...hand models mine will never, EVER be!!! And now that they look OLD....*sobbing* Copious amounts of wine does wonders. That I know. ;)

      Stupid is a much used word in our house...can you tell?!? Haahaa! Riley is a delight alright. Thanks for noticing!

  8. Gorgeous ring!! That whole light on AFTER you're out of oil.. yeah, that's just wrong. That's someone playing a joke on people lol

    1. SO wrong!!! What's the point??? As soon as he asked "when was the last time you checked your oil?"....I knew. *smh*

  9. Oh, dear God, I have old lady hands, too! They are bony and veiny. I should start wearing gloves. Do you think I could start a fashion trend?


    The "check engine" light in our minivan (not to be confused with an awesome Mini Cooper, of course) has been on for, oh, about five years.

    The first sound a car that is dangerously low on oil makes is a tick-tick-tick sound, which is the motor saying, "Pour in 4 quarts of oil, stat!" The second sound is "Ker-THUNK," which is the sound of the engine seizing up. Heed the first voice. Heed it.

    1. Yes to gloves. Definitely a new fashion trend. go first. ;P

      Haaahaaa....come to think of it there was a tick-tick-tick sound at first. Now I know and will heed! :D Must tell you...I LOVE my Mini!!!

      I hate that stupid "check engine" light. It comes on in our other vehicle too...usually something to do with the emissions-thing-a-ma-gig. "They" told us as long as it's not flashing it should be ok to drive. Gee...thanks.