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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Ohhhhh THE PRESSURE......
#Ten Things of Thankful

Oh good heavens! I just checked and there are 40 posts of TToT with some ummmm overachievers submitting more than one. Yes…I am looking at you Lizzi, Clark and Jak! What gives!!! Geezzzz…I have a hard enough time coming up with a list of 10! Of course I am bitter envious happy for you.  

*Deep inhale*  I will not be deterred because "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me." dammit! Ok so I added that last word. Pffffft!

Let’s get to it.

1.      Our hostess with the mostest (that would be you Lizzi) passed along a Liebster Award to moi!! *blushing*  I am both thankful and verklempt. MY EYE! THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EYE!!! 

2.      Heated car seats. Now that the cold, damp weather has arrived I am most thankful that I have heated car seats. I would have never thought to pay extra to have these. I mean really…wear a coat! However…when you buy a pre-owned vehicle and it comes with said car…HALLELUJAH!!! I can never go back…   

3.      Did you know that air conditioning works great in the winter as well as the summer? You didn’t??? Where I live it is a damp cold. You may have noticed I bolded it (damp) twice three times now. Air conditioning defogs windows like nobody’s business. Try it. You will thank me for it next week. You’re welcome.

4.      Michelle and Jamie. Two lovely, young ladies that “hang out” with Riley. Without the “Ladies” in R’s life (past and present) we would not be where we are today in Riley World. They have all helped us in SO many ways and we are thankful beyond words. 

5.      This summer we were visiting out-of-town friends. BBQing, cocktails, good friends and great music. Could anything be better than that?? Mmmmm…that would be a no. Listening to music from my childhood, tweens, teens, 20’s and ummm beyond…*heavy sigh*. Anybody remember this one: 

My friend Fred made a CD and sent it to me! I heart you Fred!!  

6.      Since there are only 3 of us that will eat lasagne (look out Riley World)…I will make two and freeze one for another time. I am so thankful and happy to be able to pull out a frozen home-made dinner on those days when I have no idea what to throw in the oven  make.     

7.      This past week in Riley World we took on “Smoothies” in Operation IFO. After almost 15 years I still feel the urge to go full speed ahead. Milk, yogurt, new fruits…oh yea! Who cares that Riley has never, EVER had a smoothie. WTH was I thinking?!?  Of course this would usually result in less than desirable results and tears (usually mine). Thankfully my now IRL bloggie friend Bec suggested starting off with juice smoothies. One word. Success!!

8.      Every Friday morning Riley and I go shelve books at my girlfriend’s elementary school library. It is hard to know whether or not Riley likes going as he will not usually verbally let me know. This past Friday morning I woke up to find Riley all changed and ready to go to work at "Lori’s library". I am again reminded how thankful I am to have such empathetic and supportive friends.

9.      Thanks to Christine, I am driving myself crazy  racking my brains thrilled to be linking up with 10 Things of Thankful.  ;P

10.   And the latest…this reminder…NOT!!!!! 

Dyanne…really????  :D

Now if you’ll excuse me……I have a LOT of reading to catch up on. 

Have yourselves a great week!!!

Your Hosts:


  1. Oh SUCCESS with the juice smoothie. EPIC WIN :D

    That just makes the list, right there.

    And you're totally welcome for the award. And, uh, you know that now you're in the last ten, you just qualified for another one? Right? From my first post...get reading ;)

    But YAY! that you're here :D

  2. Wait. Whaaaaa???? :O Ummmm....thanks...I think?!? Am I allowed to repost? ;) I'm not that interesting Lizzi. My apologies for spelling your name wrong. GAH!!! I guess I should be thankful that I got it right 50% of the time. BONUS...number 11 right there!!! :D

  3. Hey! Good to see you here all of your own volition. ;)

    I used to think I hated heated car seats. Who wants electricity running around under your hind end? Well, I do now that my husband's car came with them. Fantastic invention!

    And congrats on the award(s)!

    That was a perfect song to listen to as I read your post.

    Thanks for linking up with us this week! :)

    1. Perhaps I should have included "Under Pressure" by Queen/David Bowie instead. ;P

      Fantastic invention indeed!!! Especially when you have faux leather seats. :)

  4. Ooh, or Billy Joel's "Pressure"!

    So glad you're here and got your TToT in under the wire. (I often get mine in at the last second, by the way...)

    Again, yay on the smoothies!

    Air conditioning IS a fantastic defogger.

    Congratulations on your Liebster - I saw you on Lizzi's list and was quite excited to know your post will be coming soon!

    1. Congrats to your 2 Liebsters!!! My list will more than likely be a "Not Much Exciting" edition. ;P

  5. I lurrrrrve my heated car seats! They came with the car, which was a hand-me-down, but if I ever, EVER get to purchase a new car, they will definitely have to be part of the package. And yes, I use the a/c to keep the windows clear of foggy crap in the winter. With it turned all the way as hot as it will go,

    I had forgotten all about that song! But I am pretty sure I worked on that Super Hits compilation package it came from.Or if not that volume, then another one. A lifetime ago.

    Yay for Riley and smoothies and his job and his ladies!

    Don't make me sic Christine on you again next week! Link up early :)

    1. Does the name K-Tel mean anything to you???? :D

      I'm already sweating thinking about next week's list. Yikes!

  6. I love heated seats too! They are my very favorite invention and wish I would've come up with it. As far as the ac, I keep it going all year round--even in Oregon because I thought it helped with the humidity too. So glad you are reinforcing my belief.

    We are all so lucky to have (ladies and/or men) in our who make things easier with our kids. I know my daughter has some special ones who not only make her life easier, but mine too. I relate to that. Big time.

    And last, I didn't know there was anyone in the universe that didn't like lasagna. I wish it was me because when I get it, I eat a lot of it. Yum. Yum.

    1. The entire universe is one big lasagna in Riley World. ;P

  7. Lasagna?? sign me UP. Heated seats? Cannot exist without 'em. And it's not even that cold where I live. Well, below 70 is cold to me these days. Congrats on TToT. It's sort of hard, isn't it? I mean, throughout the week I can think of all kinds of things I'm thankful for, and then I get ready for that post and I'm all, whaaaaa? It's a biggun. See you on it this weekend!

    1. It is VERY hard!!! *whining* Especially when you're past the big 5-OMG!!! I try to jot things down when I think of them. Yea...that works for the first day and then...oish. Glad I'm not the only one. :)